Hot Seafood Platter & Chips

4 scampi, 4 calamari rings, 2 fish strips with salad & home-made tartare sauce

10 Calamari Rings & Chips

with home-made tartare sauce


Lamb Doner           

Chicken Doner       

Mixed Doner          

Served in a pitta bread with salad, lemon dressing, and a choice of sauces

Kebab Meat & Chips

Lamb Doner meat, salad & chips

Chicken Doner meat, salad & chips

Served in a tray with a choice of sauces

Special Kebabs

Chicken Shish Kebab

Chargrilled chicken served in pitta bread with salad & a choice of sauces

Falafel Pitta [v]

Served with salad and houmous

Salad Pitta [v]

Salad & feta cheese with choice of sauces

Halloumi Pitta [v]

Slices of Cypriot cheese, served with salad

Southern Fried Chicken

1 Piece of Chicken

2 Pieces & Chips

3 Pieces & Chips

4 Pieces & Chips

6 Pieces & Large Chips*

*includes beans & coleslaw

Boneless breast of Chicken

6 Mini chicken fillets

Side orders can include:

Onions rings [v]   x10

Mozzarella sticks [v]   x6


Curry sauce


Mushy peas



Buttered roll

Pitta bread

Greek salad


Hot Drinks




Hot chocolate

A selection of cold drinks are available


Chips        Small / Large



Breaded Plaice

Wholetail Breaded Scampi     x12

Deep fried ¼ breast of Chicken

Chicken Nuggets     x8, x12

Home-made Fishcake

Breaded Fishcake

Sausage                   Small / Large

Battered Sausage    Small / Large


Burger in Batter

Onion Rings [v]   x10

Tray of Chips & Cheese [v]

Spring Roll [v]


Minced Beef & Onion

Chicken & Mushroom

Steak & Kidney

Steak & Ale



Cheese & Onion [v] [v]


¼lb Beef Burger

¼lb Beef Burger with Cheese

½lb Beef Burger

½lb Beef Burger with Cheese

Triple Decker Burger

Triple Decker Burger with Cheese

All burgers are served with fresh lettuce,

tomatoes & onion plus mayonnaise & relish in a toasted seeded bun.

Extra toppings can be added to any burger:  Cheese, bacon.

Special Burgers

Charles Chilli Burger

With fresh lettuce, spicy chilli sauce & chopped green peppers in a toasted seeded bun

Lamb Doner Burger

With a choice of sauces in a toasted seeded bun

Chicken Fillet Burger

With fresh lettuce & mayonnaise in a

toasted seeded bun

Veggie Burger [v]

With fresh lettuce, tomatoes & onion plus mayonnaise & relish in a toasted seeded bun

Burger Meal Deal

Any burger served in a tray with chips


August bank holiday opening times!

Sunday 27th - closed
Monday 28th - from 5pm

Debit & Credit Cards accepted - 30p surcharge on all transactions